Brian Calcinai

Redcliffe Horticulture Limited

Certifier number:
Authorisation status:
Authorisation start:
Authorisation expiry:
Contact address:
PO BOX 7177
Napier 4141

While Mr Calcinai's authorisation continues in force, he currently does not wish to offer certification activities.

Authorised to issue certificates for

Certified handlers in control of Agrichemicals [Regulations 4.1 and 13.9, Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017]
Conditions: Agrichemicals means agricultural compounds, veterinary medicines, detergents and sanitizers used in an agricultural context as these terms are defined in the latest version of the NZS 8409.

The certification of handlers (agrichemicals) does not include fumigants and vertebrate toxic agents.
Life cycles: disposal, manufacture, storage, transport, use

Conditions that apply for this authorisation

  • You must perform the functions of a compliance certifier in an objective manner that promotes safety.
  • You must remain a fit and proper person throughout the period of your authorisation.